Nextcloud is amazing


I've known about Nextcloud for a while now, but I never cared too much about file sync to set it up. Syncthing was way more than enough for my use case. Maybe I'm just weird, but the only use I have for file synchronisation is my keepass file. That's it.

Recently, when we decided that we want to gather some images for a school event, I thought that this was the perfect time to set up nextcloud, so everyone can upload images to a shared folder.

The installation was pretty easy, just one docker command and a couple of click in the browser and you're done.

However, the real power of Nextcloud is in the apps available for it. It is entirely possible to build a privacy-friendly and self-hosted alternative to Microsoft Teams with it.

You can install

And when compared to the proprietary stuff everyone started using 2 years ago, there are no downsides if you can afford the hosting.