August 2023

Bike trip to Szentendre. The photos show the Japanese garden.

May 2023

Today we visited the beautiful city of Győr.
There were a lot of walking streets and statues.

April 2023

A photo of the sunset from the top of the Erzsébet-kilátó in Buda.
A photo of the beautiful scenery around the lookout point, with a Hungarian flag visible in the foreground.
Another photo of the scenery, but here neither the flag nor the sunset are visible.
A walk around Naplás-tó. This is the starting point next to the buffet, with a painted wooden fence in front of the water.
A wooden pier in the water.
A picture of the water with trees in the background.
The vegetation around the lake.
A part of the walking path around the lake where the water isn't visible, in a small, forest-y environment.
A little stream next to the lake. The walking path goes over it.
The path leading up to some wooden benches.
A concrete structure in the lake which allows excess water to flow away.
Another picture of the water, this time taken from the concrete sidewalk.